Barra do Garças stands out as a model of sustainable development

 News article - 26 Jan 2021

Globo Rural magazine, one of the most important media outlets on agricultural and rural issues, published in November a special article that highlights the potential for sustainable development in Barra do Garças grounded on the establishment of the Regional PCI Compact.

The publication puts into perspective the international challenges of ensuring food security and, at the same time, addressing climate change, pointing out that the implementation of mechanisms that consider a multisectoral approach is feasible and necessary.

As an example, the article mentions the Mato Grosso Produce, Conserve and Include (PCI) Strategy, which consists of a long-term vision to promote economic and social development through the efficient use of land and natural resources. And, as a form of practical implementation, it brings information about the PCI Regional Compact of Barra do Garças, established just over a year ago. With information regarding goals, partners, and implementation model, the text describes how the municipality is seeking to become reference in the region and an example to be adopted by others.

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