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Land288400 Ha
Forest cover195.846 Ha (2017)
Cropland834.923 Ha (2017)
Population84.156 (2017)


The PPI Compact in Cesar includes the municipalities of Agustin Codazzi, Becerril, la Jagua de Ibirico, Chiriguana  that together sum up an area of 484.888 ha. Approximatly 39% of the area is suitable for agricultural production and 11,8% has potential for agroforestry and protection. The area counts with a native forest cover of 34.671. These municipalities are economically driven by mining, which represnts aproximately 40% of the regional GDP, however the region is starting a transition process from a coal based economy towards a sustaible one, given more relevance to the agriculture and cattle ranching as innovative and inclusive activities for this transition.

Main commoditties of this territory, apart from the mining, are the palm oil, dairy and beef production. Other commodities as fruits, coffe and cocoa has emerged as alternatives to support the transition. In this matter, the Embassy of the Netherlands has been an important partner for the region, as well as companies like Nestlé, Alqueria and Yara.

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