Vietnam Coffee Supply Chain for EUDR Compliance with Data Collection Software Milestone

In an effort to comply with EUDR regulations, the Vietnam Coffee Supply Chain has successfully implemented data collection software, which is a crucial step towards establishing a robust traceability system. This milestone achievement showcases the collaborative spirit and commitment of all stakeholders within the supply chain. After almost a year of meticulous planning, design, and feedback, the data collection software developed by IDH and its partners has garnered approval and consensus from key industry players (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - Department of Crop Production, Department of Forestry, Digital Transformation Center) through the meeting on 15 March 2024 in Dak Lak Province. The meeting marked significant progress, unanimously agreeing on the software's features, data requirements, and overall implementation strategy.

Following that, on 28 March 2024, subsequent discussions between IDH Vietnam and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Di Linh District, Acom, LDC, Intimex, Sucafina, Tuan Loc and affiliated communes in Di Linh, Lam Dong province (one of 4 pilot districts of the EUDR actions chain) saw productive deliberations on resource allocation, training programs, and communication strategies for the software rollout across 45,000 farming households in 19 communes (via application software Under the leadership of Mr. Tran Nhat Thi (Head of the PPI Compact Steering Committee and vice Chairman of Di Linh District People's Committee), the conference concluded with a clear roadmap to enhance transparency and sustainability in the coffee industry, in which the implementation of data collection activities and building up data production source in Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province will be started from April 2024 and aims to complete before May 2024.

The successful launch of this initiative sets a strong foundation for future endeavours that align with EUDR guidelines and foster the growth of Vietnam's agriculture sector. Congratulations to the dedicated team behind this pioneering effort, which promises to drive positive change and innovation in the industry.



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