Stakeholder Workshop on Green Growth Acceleration Taskforce (Pokja P3H) Workplan Framing Through PPI Compact and Sourceup Platform
Collaborative action between the Government of Kubu Raya, Yayasan Inisiatif Dagang Hijau, and Bentang Kalimantan has arranged the stakeholder workshop regarding Green Growth Acceleration Taskforce Workplan Framing on July 2021. This event is a response to several initiatives on green growth action that have been discussed, especially since the Pokja P3H was established in June 2021. This workshop is needed as a starting point for Pokja P3H to accelerate the implementation of green growth action by arranging the short and long-term work plan.

Pokja P3H involves any related stakeholders that have direct/indirect responsibility for the green growth. This chance is a part of the consolidation initiative to embrace stakeholder needs, share the role of concurrently reaching the green growth vision. Thus, this workshop was attended by multi-stakeholders such as Province and District Government, private sector, NGO, and academics.

This workshop was led by the Strategy and Action Plan Document on Green Growth Acceleration (SRAK PPH) of Kubu Raya District as a workshop guideline. SRAK PPH content, including its milestones, has been discussed and agreed upon by any related stakeholders separately in 2020. One of these workshop purposes is to follow up on how those milestones can be reached concurrently.

In the end, this workshop concluded the short-term activities such as strengthening the coordination between stakeholders and profiling the large-scale of potential sustainable commodities in Kubu Raya District.