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Mintom is located in the South region of Cameroon, specifically in the Dja et Lobo Division some 604 km from Yaounde and 163 km away from Sangmelima, chief-town of the Dja-and- Lobo division. It is a relatively new municipality, created on the 24th April 1995, and covers a surface area of about 385,527.6 ha. The municipality is divided into 28 villages and 23 Baka Camps (pygmies) (Commune Mintom, 2015). Mintom was selected as one of the priority municipalities and the entry point in the Tridom (Ngoyla-Mintom) landscape. The TRIDOM Landscape covers nearly 10% of the Congo Basin rainforests, currently includes 11 protected areas, and holds the largest elephant population in the Congo Basin and contain most of the biodiversity typically found in central Africa’s rainforests. It is also part of the Ngoyla-Mintom forest Massif where Ngoyla and Mintom municipalities cover respectively 61% and 29% of the area (Acworth, 2012). The Mintom municipality was selected due to its specificity of hosting some of Cameroon natural forests with the risk of losing some to cocoa and other activities such as mining if efforts are not made to hold back current trends of deforestation and degradation driven by the latter. This is especially important at this time during which there are lots of immigration into the municipality from displaced communities running away from insecurity in the troubled North west and South west regions of Cameroon. Immigration into the area is also triggered by job opportunities in the forestry and mining sector in and around the municipality.