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Land14229200 Ha
Forest cover1596970 Ha (2019)
Cropland3232372.96 Ha (2019)
Population6.9675 (2019)


The Southern region of Chad is home to seven provinces dedicated to cotton cultivation, encompassing a vast area of 142,000 km². In addition to cotton, the region is known for producing key commodities such as groundnuts, sesame, and shea. Maize, millet, and sorghum are also significant crops, playing an essential role in ensuring food security. The primary goal of the landscape is to achieve a common vision of sustainable development of the Southern provinces of Chad by creating a strong link between the regeneration and protection of natural resources and economic prosperity through private-public partnerships.

On October 2022, landscape partners came together to sign a letter of interest to express their commitment to working together on the sustainable development of the cotton growing areas based on IDH´s landscape approach. In 2023, the partners will work to set out targets and indicators for the landscape.