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Land272000 Ha
Forest cover592.06 Ha (2018)
Cropland398.972 Ha (2018)
Population202.453 (2018)


The PPI Compact Huila includes the municipalities of Algeciras, Gigante, Garzón, Agrado and Campoalegre, that together sum up an area of 243.642 ha. It is estimated that 14% of this area belongs to natural forest, counts with 5 protected areas, and around 25% of the territory is suitable for agriculture. The municipalities are part of the subcenter region of Huila and stand out because of the production and quality of cacao and coffee, other commodities produced in this area are rice, tilapia, sugar cane and red beans. The Municipalities have a strong influence from the Magdalena River and El Quimbo and Betania dams. Diferent intiatives and articulations are being developed in the those territories like the Efecto Cacao, run by Luker Foundationa and financed by USAID, Luker Chocolate, Enel Emgesa, EAFIT and IDH; the Colombia + competitiva initiative led by SECO and Swiss Contact; and Cacao Origins financed by IDH and the Embassy of The Netherlands, and implemented by EQUIORI and Colcocoa.

Huila has a long history as an agriculture Department of Colombia with some of the finest coffees and cocoas from Colombia. Huila has been also recognized for its high rice production. Additionally, the area is included as a transition zone of the Amazon ecoregion, which acquires importance in terms of conservation.

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