How it works

A collaboration platform for supply chain sustainability at scale

SourceUp is an online platform that links agri-commodity companies with multi-stakeholder initiatives in producing regions (Compacts). 

Companies can use SourceUp to access relevant and verified data from their key sourcing regions for more sustainable sourcing at scale and support projects relevant to their sustainability agenda.

At the same time, stakeholders in producing regions can use SourceUp to build coalitions for sustainable development at the landscape level (Compacts), set shared sustainability goals, and be recognized for their progress towards these goals.

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Put your region on the map through verified local sustainability reporting

Increasingly, ambitious coalitions of producing communities and public authorities are getting together to work out how to sustainably future-proof their production systems. By creating governance structures that involve representation of all influential stakeholders that shape local production systems, and by committing to mutually-agreed targets, they can put structures in place that are robust enough to continue through political cycles, market fluctuations or extreme weather events.  

Through SourceUp, local stakeholders can come together to decide on shared targets and make a long-term agreement, called a ‘Compact’. A Compact has the power to transform agricultural production systems far beyond what individual producers, local governments, civil society organizations or traders can do alone. 

Once your Compact is in place, you can begin to make your ambitious targets public and showcase the goals your Compact has achieved so far. By sharing your achievements with potential buyers, you can raise the profile of your sourcing area for business partners interested in supporting local sustainability action or in improving sustainability in their supply chain. 

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Strengthen your supply chain sustainability programme by supporting credible local sustainability action

If your business sources agricultural commodities, you can use SourceUp information to find out how different sourcing areas operate, to help decide how to realize your corporate sustainability goals. You can find Compacts that are aligned with your objectives and engage with them, for example through sourcing commitments or by investing in funding, time, or expertise.

By committing to sustainable sourcing, you can ensure that you and your supply chain partners purchase commodities from preferred sourcing areas. It also allows you to better understand the impact of your sourcing on the environment and people in those areas. 

You can also use SourceUp to find a suitable partner who can help implement your own sustainability initiative. Through this, you can make a direct impact on the sourcing area, create jobs and build sustainability into your own supply chain. Your commitments and actions are documented on the platform to share your achievements with the world.

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