What is a Compact

A Compact is a local multi-stakeholder coalition that addresses sustainability challenges within a jurisdiction in a coordinated, timebound, and resource-committed manner. The main stakeholders are the local government, local civil society organizations, producer groups/cooperatives, and traders.

There are two key ingredients for success:

  • An active local player who wants to take the lead to initiate the Compact
  • A shared interest among public and private stakeholders to improve sustainability in the region

A Compact is typically organized at the level of a municipality or district; but it can also be a combination of multiple jurisdictions. 


Establishing a Compact

Any stakeholder can initiate a Compact and convene stakeholders to jointly develop it further. Once the key stakeholders have expressed an interest, you can register your Compact on SourceUp here. 

Once you have secured the interest of key stakeholders, SourceUp has three progress levels for Compacts: Basic, Advanced and Verified. You do not necessarily need to follow this ladder of progress, but it helps you in attracting support from Committed Buyers. 

A key part of the progression to a Verified Sourcing Area, is to start reporting on landscape-level sustainability indicators



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