How it works

SourceUp is a platform that links agri-commodity companies with multi-stakeholder initiatives in producing regions. 

For producing regions

SourceUp helps local stakeholders in producing regions to come together to work on sustainability, a collaborative effort called a ‘Compact’. A Compact has the power to transform agricultural production systems far beyond what individual producers, local governments, civil society organizations or traders can do alone.

Anyone can start a Compact, to put a landscape on the map and work to become a Verified Sourcing Area.

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Get Insights

Receive insights on how to stand out


Build your SourceUp profile and showcase your commitment

Gain Support

Get the support of Buyers to deliver on your sustainability objectives

Deliver and do More

Demonstrate progress and attract more support to your landscape



For Buyers

If your business sources agricultural commodities, you can use SourceUp information to find out how different sourcing areas operate, to help decide how to realize your corporate sustainability goals. You can find Compacts that are aligned with your objectives and engage with them, for example through sourcing commitments or by investing in funding, time, or expertise.

SourceUp for Buyers

Responsible Sourcing

Deliver on your sustainability commitments in credible collaboration

Monitor & Collaborate

Monitor the progress of Compacts and Projects and work together to improve

Due Diligence

Use SourceUp to conduct landscape due diligence



The platform

The SourceUp platform connects Buyers and Compacts. It is built for connecting even further. By linking with other sources of sustainability data, we aim to blend information to provide richer insights.

SourceUp verifies information, to ensure credible collaboration. It uses a smart verification approach, that combines local validation with panel review.

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